‘Dream team’

I was recently a patient in Castle ward at Worthing Hospital, where I received excellent treatment from the medical and nursing staff.

I have had several unhappy stays in other wards in the past, but in Castle, sister Sue and what I called her ‘dream team’ were so kind and caring and very understanding of my disability, making my stay as happy and comfortable as possible.

A special thank you to the Filipino nurses, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for coming to the rescue several years ago during the nursing shortage.

Here, I would remind readers that it is not too late to donate to the Philippines typhoon disaster fund. I found the nurses to be lovely people with big smiles no doubt hiding the sadness of the suffering back home.

My sincere thanks to all, not forgetting the domestic staff for the work they do as part of the team.

A happy new year to Worthing Herald staff, and hope you will allow space for my letter in your excellent newspaper.

Marion Fadelle

Adur Avenue