Duncan is right

In answer to Duncan Barkes column last week – yes, there is no money left, and this Government is broke.

The last Government spent it all, and with no saving for a rainy day. ‘We are all in this together’ was a phrase used by David Cameron, our Prime Minister, so why don’t our MPs take a drop in their remuneration?

Duncan repeats what numerous council say, that they are not getting as much as they were and, to quote him, ‘funding to local councils has been slashed, resulting in a reduction or closure of local services’.

But I have read elsewhere that one of the Chichester councils, because they got rid of three cabinet posts, gave themselves a rise of 41 per cent for cabinet members and ten per cent for ordinary members. To me, this is not ‘we are all in this together’.

If we are all in a leaking lifeboat, we would all have to take our turn in bailing out the boat. This is obviously not happening in our country!

P. W. Watson

Sussex Street