Duncan is right

With regard to Duncan Barkes’ column in the Worthing Herald about nurses having to pay to park in hospitals where they work.

Like you and many others, I think it is totally wrong.

I live on the other side of the railway line, and occasionally see nurses from Worthing hospital getting into their cars late in the evening when it’s dark, and that is some walk from the hospital.

Nurses could be given parking permits to park in the hospital car parks, or given refunds on parking through their wages, once it has been checked to confirm they were working on the date and time the ticket was valid for.

It is unfair that the nurse’s have to pay up to £20 to park per shift (that could equate to about £3,000 per year), when some doctors and consultants get a higher wage and a free parking space.

I have never worked for a company, where I have had to pay to park, and if I have had to pay when away from site, the parking charges have always been refunded by the company I worked for.

The nurses are the back-bone of all hospitals and should be given more respect than any doctor or consultant.

Did you also know that nurses also have to pay approximately £100 per year for their registration and approximately £144 a year in union fees, what other profession in this country has to pay out that kind of money just to have a job?

I think nurses have always had a raw deal, and the public wonder why a few of the nurses don’t put the effort into the patients’ care.

After all, having to spend about £3,500 pounds a year to do a job with not much thanks from your employer must be very disheartening for them.

Just think if all of the nurses left the profession, doctors and consultants wouldn’t know what to do.

And the reason for knowing the above, my wife is a registered nurse and, thankfully, not working for the NHS.

Ken Gillingham

King Edward Avenue