Duncan is right about the A27

Quite right Duncan (Barkes column June 13), the A27 at Arundel is a disaster. So is the Worthing/Lancing stretch of the road.

The money for significant improvements to both trunk roads was available, but local councils and local NIMBYS stopped them – despite traffic experts and West Sussex CC strongly supporting the improvements.

Trunk roads are the responsibility of central government.

When local councils, MPs and vociferous vested interest groups are opposed to new traffic relief schemes, there is always another town with traffic problems willing to grab the money.

As local motorists sit in long queues, belching fumes into the air and cursing authority, I wonder why we do not hear from those who helped defeat both bypass schemes?

Contrast that with the sixteen new roads and bypasses opened by West Sussex County Council between 1987-91.

Imagine what the A259 would be like today without the Rustington and Littlehampton bypasses? or the many improvements to the A24 from Findon through to Horsham?

To succeed in improving local stretches of the A27 before 2050 we need local councils and MPs to set aside their petty differences and work together to win public backing for the schemes.

Only then will it be worth asking for the finance to implement them.

Graham Forshaw

Parklands Avenue