Duncan’s right

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I am moved to write to you straightaway after reading Duncan Barkes’ piece on fireworks.

I agree with him 100 per cent and found his characterisations of the two principal offender types ( the bored teenager, and the well-meaning father) to be spot on!

With an organised display on every Friday and Saturday night at the beginning of November, somewhere in this part of Sussex, there can be no reason other than those given by Duncan, for any sane person to want to buy fireworks for personal use. I would like to help in a campaign to ban the private sale of fireworks.

Like Duncan, we have a pet dog, a spaniel, and the way he reacts to these random bangs which seem to go on every night of the week for the whole period, is most distressing.

Keep up the excellent column, Duncan!

Michael J Bell

Tamarisk Way

East Preston