Duncan’s wrong

I’m writing in utter disagreement to Duncan Barkes’ column a couple of weeks ago about the state of modern day Britain.

Yes, the Waitrose story is one of despair and I don’t disagree that there are many more like it. But there are hundreds more positive stories out there.

In the same edition of The Herald alone is the story of Candy Love owner, saving the life of someone. As for his views on the youth of today, as a 24-year-old I’m actually quite offended. Talk about tarring everybody with the same brush.

I work for a charity and also run my own charity.

My other half volunteers a lot of her time to youth and charity work, a lot of my friends do the same.

Whilst I know we are not exactly ‘youth’ anymore, it still bugs me.

He just seemed to focus on a visible minority and think all are the same.

There is a vast majority who do a lot of good.

There have always been despondent and moody teenagers throughout many generations, not just this one, he can’t honestly believe that nobody under the age of 20 ever did anything wrong before 2000? And besides, before you criticise the modern generation, just remember which generation raised it.

Rob Davis

Ashdown Road