Ease of parking is important

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I have just spent a week as a visitor in Worthing, so I was interested to read the article about cheaper parking.

I don’t think the problem is the cost of the parking, which at a pound an hour is not unreasonable, but the limits to the length of on-street parking. Maximum two hours, even in streets well away from the sea and shops, and on the seafront, four!

That may be okay for part of the year, but who goes on the beach for four hours only in the summer?

Of course, you have multi-storeys, but who would want to park there and then lug all their stuff to the beach?

What is voucher parking, who is it for and where do you get one?

No-one seemed to know, not even an official patrolling the seafront!

You have some lovely pedestrianised shopping areas. No need, then, for all those double-yellow lines everywhere.

Release at least one side of these streets for parking. And do you really need such big loading bays everywhere, which reduce the space for normal parking?

Ease of parking often far outweighs the cost of parking in a lot of people’s minds.

I know you have some free parking on the seafront, but it is well away from the areas where people will spend money!

Worthing needs visitors, and it wants them to spend money, lots of It. They won’t do that if they are constantly worrying if their car is going to get a ticket.

The problem, of course, is that it is easier to quantify the money gained from parking revenues than it is the revenue gained if parking restrictions were relaxed.

P. Thornton