East Worthing was hit hard

Just before Christmas, The Herald published an article headed “Flood Issues”.

Worthing may not have had the problems on quite the scale of some areas nearer to Chichester but Worthing, particularly East Worthing, still had some serious flooding issues last summer.

The report is likely to give little solace to those residents of Ladydell Road and the roads along the line of the old Teville Stream water course that were flooded last summer.

Worthing Hospital suffered.

Davison School playing field was out of bounds for much of the summer.

Houses were flooded and let’s not forget how the foreshore was out of bounds for a while.

I have not read the full report yet but I hope that East Worthing is not once again being ignored?

Hopefully, the report will address the concerns expressed by the residents last summer.

To suggest that the recent events are a “once in 200 year event” will probably be laughed at by those residents who have been flooded more than once in recent years.

It is apparent that Southern Water feels the need to improve their public image.

Opposite the report was an advertisement explaining the recent investment of £8million in improvements to the local treatment plant.

The above investment is well overdue.

I am sure local residents will view that statement with some scepticism.

The proof of this pudding will be in how excessive rainfall is dealt with in years to come.

The meteorological offices are constantly reminding us that extreme weather events are likely to be more common place in the years ahead.

Probably more than “once in every 200 years”.

I urge those residents who are prone to flooding to be vigilant and quick to complain if the problems continue.

Councillor Roger Oakley

Goring Road,