‘Elderly’ being blamed for council tax rise once again

Council tax bill
Council tax bill

I have just received my copy of West Sussex Connections and I am disgusted by Louise Goldsmith’s comments on why the council tax has to rise.

Once again ‘the elderly’ are getting the blame.

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There are too many of us and we are living too long and are becoming needy.

I think she needs to apologise to us. Most of us have worked all our lives and paid our way. Many are still having to work as our pensions are very meagre so perhaps to suit Ms Goldsmith we ought to very kindly do away with ourselves.

She also blames children’s services – what are these services? Are they our children that we are having to care for?

I’m sorry but whether it is local or national politics we have got to put a stop on immigration, legal or otherwise. We cannot pay benefits to everyone who wants to come here whilst depriving our own, especially when it is our elderly who suffer.

Before anyone says anything this is not racism, this is just plain basic maths. We pay our council tax to pay for the services we need and we really should be looking at the salaries we pay these people to run them.

We are told we have to pay high salaries to attract the right people but the town is dirty, violent and overcrowded and if this is down to the right people, maybe we ought to give the wrong people a chance at a lower salary.

Its also about time council employees paid for their own pensions and not expect us to fund them especially as a lot of us can’t afford a pension for ourselves.

Politics at both local and national level has never been so rotten and the only time they want anything to do with us is when they are asking for our vote.

Susan Delaney

Congreve Road, Worthing


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