End 20mph plans

EARLY in the 20 is Plenty for Worthing Campaign there were various wild claims.

One was that its introduction “would lead to an immediate reduction in the number of deaths and injuries on the road”.

Another was that “if the number of accidents reduced as much as in Portsmouth the saving in public spending would be £2million”.

The increase in the severity of some of these accidents was ignored.

These are known as Killed or Seriously Injured, (KSI) accidents.

Those of us opposed to the scheme said the three-year Portsmouth trial was too short and that the number of KSI accidents would increase.

Time seems to be proving that we were correct.

After four years the number of KSI accidents in Portsmouth have increased from 79 in 2007 to 143 last year.

Possibly four years is still too short a time scale, as we are only considering one town over four years.

However, nationally a D.O.T. report shows there were 1,827 KSI accidents in 2010 on 20mph roads in built up areas increasing by 24 per cent to 2.282 in 2011.

That compares to a one per cent drop on 30mph roads in built up areas during the same time.

Now, although this is only over a one year period, it does cover many towns and must give a fairly accurate picture of the effect of these 20mph limits.

Certainly 20 is Plenty should no longer be considered for Worthing.

The experiment is playing with people’s lives and has been shown not to work.

It should be ended immediately.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue