Everyone was such a help

Please will you allow me to thank everyone who saw me through the Christmas period?

My daughter Veronica and her husband, Bill Boswell – I don’t know what I would do without them!

Doctors and their receptionists at Selden Road Surgery, who took my calls; Meals on Wheels – always so caring.

East Worthing Pharmacy and its delivery service; the girls who do my shopping; our two wardens, Gemma and Jasmin, who never make me feel I am a nuisance and are so helpful.

Plus, my carers, one in particular, who calls in once a week to wash my hair, etc.

She told me she loves her job so much and would do it for free if she didn’t have bills to pay.

On Christmas Day, she went far above the call of duty, by providing me and two other ladies with a beautiful Christmas Day lunch. Two thick slices of juicy turkey and ham, plus several different vegetables.

To crown that very large meal, there were three different cold desserts, which complemented the meal completely.

She also came with a lovely large cracker, which we pulled.

On top of that, she brought a present of a warm pair of pyjamas.

Her name is Patricia Cruz, known as Trish.

When I offered to pay for it, she said, “Kathleen,it is Christmas,” and that every time she does something nice for people, the love she gets back outwieghs any amount of money!

Also, thanks to my next-door neighbours, who have helped me since I moved in three years ago, Bob and Lorraine.

And two ladies who live at the complex, who stopped me falling down when the bus pulled away so quickly, just after I had broken my hip.

Wishing all yourselves and readers a very happy 2013, and God bless you all.

Kathleen Skeet

Brougham Road,