Everything crossed

HALLELUJAH! So dear old Worthing may be lurching into the 21st century with plans for a £150million regeneration project at Teville Gate looking set to get the go-ahead – at long last!

Fingers crossed that the bewhiskered old denizens who move into the town for their final lap will not put up their usual barrage of protests whenever something exciting seems likely.

You know how it goes: “Too tall, will overshadow other buildings,” “It’s an eyesore” (all together now!). “What about the increased traffic?” “We don’t need it.” And so on.

The vocally-negative knee-jerk brigade should spare a thought for future generations.

Isn`t a nine-screen cinema, restaurants, a health and fitness centre, let alone 229 apartments, an eye-watering prospect for the rising generation?

Already I see that the objections have started rolling in. The South Downs National Park Authority are fussing about the supposed impact the high-rise project will have on views from the Downs. C`mon gents; give us a break. Is it worth castigating this project, with all it will mean in terms of jobs, for the sake of a small minority who throw the occasional misty glance towards the town as they tread the turf?

The Cinema Theatre Association say the scheme is unnecessary because of the Dome which, surely with their tongues in their cheeks, “fulfills the cinema needs.”

Oh, really? So why do scores of younger people regularly make for the multiplex cinemas in Chichester and Brighton?

This scheme was being mulled over when I moved to the town eight years ago. It’s been on and off ever since.

For goodness sake, let`s get on with it and give Worthing an iconic entrée to the town instead of the shabby shambles now disfiguring the landscape!

Guy Fleming

Belsize Road