Eviction will cost us

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AM I the only person who thinks that cutting a lock to get into anywhere is criminal damage, if not breaking and entering?

Am I the only person who thinks that driving past a sign that clearly says “AUTHORISED vehicles only”, when the vehicle is not authorised, is an offence? Am I the only person who thinks that the police’s job includes protecting public property.

Dare one ask where the police were as these travellers on Beach Green, Lancing, broke the law to get where they are now?

Poor Lancing Parish Council reckons it will cost thousands of pounds to evict these people.

Well, I have an answer. sue Sussex Police for dereliction of duty and use the winnings to pay for the eviction.

I ask again for the umpteenth time. Where are the police when any criminal activity happens in Lancing or Sompting? Nowhere to be seen.

Chris Servante

Whitestyles Road