Evidence it is a safer speed

I feel I have to write in response to Gavin Ross’s letter (December 6).

Gavin states “there is no conclusive evidence that a 20mph speed limit reduces accidents” but gives no evidence for this or the other claims in his letter.

There is substantial evidence for the safety benefits of 20mph.

Perhaps the most comprehensive UK study was conducted examining over 400 locations in London where 20mph areas have been introduced.

The study covered 20 years (1986-2006) and took into account background changes.

It concluded that the introduction of 20mph zones are associated with a 42 per cent reduction in numbers of road casualties as well as a reduction in the severity of injuries (see www.researchonline.lshtm.ac.uk/4370/ to read for yourself).

As a result of the evidence, the UK Government is encouraging local authorities to implement 20mph.

There are now schemes for wide area 20mph limits in Oxford, Bristol, Warrington, Liverpool, Newcastle, Wigan, Cambridge, Wirral, Sheffield, Middlesbrough, Darlington and London boroughs of Islington, Camden, Hackney, Southwark and Waltham Forest.

Lancashire County Council is rolling this out to every residential road in the county. #

West Sussex County Council has confirmed to me that it will go ahead with a public consultation for a borough-wide 20mph scheme in Worthing in 2013.

It is important that Worthing residents understand the benefits.

For more information, and to sign the petition, see www.20splentyforworthing.org.uk

Duncan Kay

Boundary Road,