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I feel I need to write to express my total dismay at the plans to downsize The Orchards Middle School.

This school is an wonderful place for children to attend with outstanding staff who not only care about the education of the children on the school role but further their education with a huge range of after-school clubs and opportunities to participate in gifted and talented activities, competitions in gymnastics, dance, football and other sports, as well as drama, film and singing.

The school has an excellent Ofsted report and is riding high in the league tables.

By reducing its intake, these opportunities are being denied to so many children in the local area.

It would seem to me that by downsizing this fantastic school and increasing numbers in other primaries in the area, followed by the suggested change of catchment, choice for parents has been taken away and children will be forced to attend a primary that cannot offer the same level of excellence and opportunities that the Orchards can.

Not only this, but what a waste it will be to have empty classrooms and possible job cuts from a school that works so well and offers so much, surely these plans are ignoring the real people who count, the children, who receive such great memories from their time spent at the school and possibly won’t get these from a lesser, more cramped and ill-equipped school.

It will be a total travesty if these plans go ahead and deny the children in the local area a chance to attend this amazing school.

Donna Lander

Squadron Drive,


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