‘Exciting’ driving?

IF one needs motoring excitement, may I recommend Reigate Road.

It seems as if this road has now become an “urban freeway” from West Worthing station where the A24 ends, to the A259 at the Goring Road/Wallace Avenue junction.

Here you will find delivery lorries of all shapes, sizes and weights (ah, Tesco Express next year), and cars travelling at a fair rate of knots.

All of this on what has essentially become a single lane, due to legitimate parking of cars belonging to residents on both sides of the road. Because of the poor visibility afforded by its sinuous shape of two bends, it is quite hazardous, more so if driven at speed by cars or by lorries.

What reason would there be for not making Reigate Road a no-go for lorries and passing cars by putting in both speed bumps and weight restrictions to stop it being so much of a rat-run, and making vehicles use Grand Avenue, which is far wider and straight, down to the traffic lights and its junction of the A259?

Terry O’Shea

Reigate Road