Excluded roads

As part of the information gathering concerning 20mph speed limits on residential roads in Worthing, West Sussex County Council undertook traffic surverys across the borough during February and March this year.

This information is now available and has been used to determine that numerous residential roads in the town are not considered fit for 20mph limits.

I can almost hear the cheers of people who oppose 20’s Plenty and those who see the killing and maiming on our roads as an acceptable price to pay for progress.

Government guidelines suggest roads with average speeds of more than 24mph may see drivers ignoring the limit.

This guidance is not binding, although WSCC appears to regard it as such in some cases.

In its preferred option 2 for consultation, Wallace Avenue is not included in the 20mph limit, with average speeds of 25.4mph recorded. Interestingly, the maximum speed here was 79.2mph.

Some of the other residential roads excluded from option 2 include Lime Tree Avenue, Furze Road, May Tree Avenue, Exmoor Close, Exmoor Crescent, Vicarage Fields, Alinora Crescent and Copthorne Hill.

The full list of excluded roads can be found on the website. Some of these roads are excluded because they are arterial routes.

Looking at the data, I am surprised by the maximum recorded speed of 82mph, suggesting the police might give greater priority to the current 30mph speed limit.

If you live on or near these excluded residential roads, and you think you should be in the 20mph zone, you could make your feelings known to your county councillor and sign the online petition at the 20’s Plenty for Worthing website: www.20splentyforworthing.org.uk

E. Stevens

St Lawrence Avenue