Excuses don’t wash

ON the agenda of the County Local Committee of January 25, it was announced the implementation of the extension to the Controlled Parking Zone had been put back to mid-February.

It was originally meant to have been last August.

At the meeting an officer told us it was mid-May. Now, our local councillor Alan Rice tells us that he has been informed by the same officer that it is likely to be mid-summer.

Have residents who spent their time filling in a consultation and attending various meetings about it been informed? Well only the readers of the Herald who happen to read this letter.

Meanwhile, the incomplete yellow lining around the other corner of Livesay Crescent (only one has been done), Cecilian Avenue and Garrick Road and the attendant School Safety Scheme are also put off until mid-summer. A single yellow line painted in Northcourt Road in November can’t be enforced because the council contractors haven’t put up a plate.

All we are told, it is due to reorganisation. Sorry, county council, this just doesn’t wash. It’s clear that they are in a hopeless mess with their contractors.

If they in their wisdom have farmed out these jobs they ought to insist that they are done on time and properly.

Also, they ought to be informing residents when the Car Parking Zone is going to be done and a proper reason for the delay.

Tim Nicholls

South Broadwater Residents’ Association

Northcourt Road