Exemplary care at hospital

I was admitted to Coombes ward at Worthing Hospital for an incarcerated inguinal hernia repair.

The operation successfully took place on October 31, under Mr Miles’ auspices, with my being discharged from hospital at 6.30pm on November 2, for convalescence at my mother’s home. On November 19, I was discharged by the surgery from further treatment.

The medical care and ancillary support received in Worthing Hospital were, without exception, excellent. Both Mr Miles’ team and the nursing and support staff were throughout cheerful, competent, capable and friendly.

I would also compliment both the competent diagnosis of the hernia by GPs at St Lawrence Surgery, and also the cheerful and professional ambulance team who transported me on October 30 to Worthing Hospital.

The treatment received throughout from initial diagnosis, to post-operation discharge, was first class, faultless and a tribute to the high standards of all the parties involved. I am most grateful and indeed privileged to have received such brilliant treatment.

In addition, the many different nationalities working at Worthing Hospital, all contributing together as part of a seamless team and without apparent friction – almost a United Nations galaxy – is very heartening, and a positive augury for our future world.

With the media so quick to condemn the National Health Service, Worthing Hospital and local surgeries, such a positive medical experience merits this wholehearted tribute to these bodies/peoples.

Please accept my apologies for the substantial delay in dispatching this letter (once discharged from medical treatment, life’s daily ongoing responsibilities submerge one’s best intentions), but if you have any queries, please let me know.

J. A. Corcoran

High Street