Expiry date looms

WHAT we have heard so far are all the positive outcomes of Worthing College moving to The Warren (old Aviva site).

The college has indeed made sure that expensive PR consultants (Nex Communications) have been put to good use.

They state on their website that they can “shape opinion” and “influence outcomes” to give “a genuine commercial advantage”.

This is indeed what is happening with their press releases, etc.

When I first heard the news, I, too, was pleased to bring back into use an empty building.

No one wants the Aviva building to stand empty.

However, the site has major issues when used by young students, rather than being retained as an office building.

To ensure the safety of students, the majority of whom are likely to walk to the site, it is proposed that three further sets of light-controlled traffic lights be placed between Lyons Farm and Offington roundabout.

One will be further up the Warren Road, another where traffic leaves the Grove Lodge roundabout to start going west along Warren Road and the other on the Upper Brighton Road, near the top of Cissbury Road.

This area is already amongst the most congested and polluted parts of the A27.

The extra traffic lights will result in further interruptions to traffic flow and, therefore, major tailbacks on and near the Grove Lodge roundabout, likely to reach past Lyons Farm and so affecting all traffic movement in all directions through and into Worthing.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

The Warren must keep its current use as an office building and so keep the Grove Lodge/A27 area running as smoothly as possible.

Worthing College’s principal states the benefits of moving to the Warren site should not be underestimated, however, I think he needs to focus his attention to more fundamental matters, such as the quality of the teaching, which was found lacking in its most recent OFSTED report in February this year.

The report noted “some significant weaknesses” and that the “quality of teaching and learning has not improved in recent years”.

It was found that students’ achievements were below average for sixth-form colleges. Anyone wanting to state their opinions about this matter should contact Worthing planning department before the expiry date of August 4 (Ref AWDM/0364/11).

Jane Sparkes

Fifth Avenue