Eye-patient protest

SO, despite protests by staff and patients, the NHS Western Sussex Hospitals Trust has agreed the move to Southlands for the ophthalmic department.

This will mean difficult journeys of anything up to two hours for many patients who travel by public transport.

A shuttle bus will be reinstated between Worthing Hospital and Southlands. Who will pay for this?

Doubtless, we, the patients, will have to dig deep into our pockets to pay for this journey. I would think the return fare may well be £5 to £6.

Bus trips to Worthing are free for pensioners who are the main users of the eye clinics. There will be community-based clinics for people with chronic conditions. What does this mean? Can we not have the same service as we receive now, with people who need eye surgery going to Southlands?

I would like the consultants who proposed this move to travel by bus to Southlands from outlying parts of Worthing, have drops put in their eyes and then go back on the bus.

I walk to the hospital, but I have to return home by bus as I cannot see enough to walk home after an outpatient’s appointment.

As all the buses go where I need, there is no worry about the correct bus, but that will not be the case for many people. Just for once, could someone listen to the protests?

S. D. Humphreys

Meadow Road