Fair deal in return

I HAVE heard that Tesco yet again wishes to give us another of its shops in Worthing. What will it offer in return?

The choice is endless. A swimming pool, police station, community centre – although I think they have done those already.

I know what it could offer, which would be very useful – a retirement home for all the owners of small shops like news agents, chemists, etc., that have had to close down because the competition was too great from supermarkets.

A fair deal for all the dairy farmers and fruit and vegetable growers, many of which have also had to close down

I watched a programme on BBC1 the other night and a spokesman for supermarkets said they had created more jobs for the unemployed. However, what he failed to mention was how many people had lost their jobs and their livelihoods because of so many stores selling everything that could possibly be sold.

He also failed to say how many villages and towns had lost what shops they had, plus how much land had been taken for the building of these huge supermarkets out of town.

Many older people do not own a car and if you are lucky enough (which I am), neighbours or perhaps relatives, if they live close by, will do your shopping for you.

Quite often neighbours are too busy leading their own lives or they do not really want the bother of shopping for somebody else.

I go to Worthing on only rare occasions because of the lack of variety in shops, apart from charity shops, building societies, estate agents, etc., I prefer Chichester, Lewes, Horsham, Guildford or even Steyning.

What character Worthing once had has more or less gone and this has not been helped by allowing so many superstores to be built out of town and I wouldn’t be suprised if some extensions of these had even been built without planning permission being given.

I live in Sompting and the least said about Lancing the better, apart from it reminds me of a ghost town in the Wild West.

I am not totally against supermarkets such as Tesco being built.

I am, however, against the greed and pure selfishness of them and, as they say, “every little helps” – yes it does, it helps Tesco.

Still, we have to remember the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, this came about from being too large, and too greedy

Mrs D.P. McBrien

Hillside Avenue