‘Fantastic idea’

WHAT a fantastic idea to pay your car fine in coins.

I only wish I had thought of this when I was issued with a parking ticket outside of Worthing Hospital.

We had rushed in to have my beautiful daughter 12 weeks ago and my husband had parked the car and put a valid residents permit on the windscreen, which my father had given us for this very purpose.

After my daughter was born my husband returned to the car to see we had been issued with a fine because we had failed “in our haste to bring new life into the world” to fill out the registration section of the ticket.

All other aspects of the ticket were correct.

I get so annoyed that there is no room for manoeuvre or compassion. We did protest the ticket but we were informed that it was valid as we had not filled out this small part of the ticket (a recently added section of the ticket, which in my opinion is to catch more people out!).

I refused to let it ruin our joyful occasion but just feel so angered that at these difficult financial times big fat cat companies can rip people off just for being human!!!

Deborah Lomas

Cotswold Road