‘Fantastic news’

I WRITE regarding the Tell Tim survey in last week’s edition (May 31) of the Lancing Herald.

It is fantastic news that 80 per cent of people completing the survey object to any major redevelopment in the area fondly known as The Gap.

Together with more than 80 letters of objection on Adur Council’s planning portal opposing the planning application for the building of a Training Academy by Brighton and Hove Albion in part of The Gap, it goes to show that many local people have serious doubts to the real impact of any development in the area.

Concerns have already been highlighted over increases in traffic and effects of noise and light nuisance in the area.

Indeed, The Highways Agency have already delayed any planning decision until further surveys are done.

Lancing surely needs some regeneration to improve its tired image, but not to the detriment of the wonderful people who live here.

The Gap is a wonderful asset to the local people. Peaceful countryside in the heart of the community which is rich in wildlife could be enhanced for the benefit of all.

For up-to-date information on the BHA development and to share your comments, please visit www.saveourgap.wordpress.com.

Jane Cogan

Daniel Close