Faultless attention

FURTHER to recent letters, I would also like to comment on Worthing Hospital.

Recently I was admitted to a ward at 1.30am not realising the problem.

By midday a pacemaker had been fitted and I was back in the critical care unit ward.

I could not fault the attention I received from doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc, all covered by the NHS.

The only negative comment was the long delay in A&E.

This is inevitable considering the vast area that our trust covers.

The highest praise goes to the over-worked doctors and nurses who never stop rushing about trying to give attention to so many.

And they did not strike.

I also found that attention to the cleanliness of the wards, hygiene etc was very apparent.

Very many thanks to all who are so dedicated to us in our times of need. We are truly in their hands.

May they all have a happy new year.

Mrs E. Sinclair

Grand Avenue