Felt like a spa break

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AFTER reading so much bad press about hospitals, I thought I would share my experience of an eight-day stay at Worthing Hospital.

After suffering for a couple of weeks with really bad pains that had moved up all my joints from my toes to my hips, and then down my arms, I could barely move.

I was admitted to Worthing Hospital via the A&E department, a couple of weeks before Christmas. As there was a shortage in bed spaces, a ward was opened for myself to be kept in and monitored. The nurses were fantastic, very friendly, and couldn’t do enough to help.

I stayed in this ward for a few days before being moved upstairs to another general ward, where the service was just as good.

There were six of us in the ward and each was treated very well. I felt so sorry for the nurses who had to look after the five old gents.

They continually had to bath them and provide sanitary services. All was done with a smile, very promptly and thoroughly.

The ward was continually cleaned, beds changed and medication provided at the exact times. The food was divine!

Friends have laughed when I told them this, but most of the meals were of restaurant standard... if not better.

The showers/toilets were kept spotless, despite all of us using them on a regular basis. The nurses were anglels.

I have the utmost respect for them having to look after patients day in and day out. There was never a bad word said about anything, despite a few difficult situations, and they always had time for a quick chat.

Once I was on the mend and was released from hospital, it truly felt like I had been on a spa break. I felt so well and refreshed.

I have often joked that I need to book myself back into hospital for a week for another spa treatment.

I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and everyone who does a fantastic job at Worthing Hospital.

Andy Thomas

Offington Lane