Final word on foxes

THIS will be the last letter I will write concerning the culling of foxes.

This is my decision, not because I am in the least bit intimidated by the people who have tried to browbeat me into changing my stance on the matter of humanly culling foxes, but because I’ve gone as far as possible in my plea for logical thinking and common sense.

I would like to add a few words to those already written concerning the legal culling of foxes.

If this is not carried out by professionals, sooner or later some idiots are going to start killing the foxes themselves. Quite illegally of course, but rat poison and the making of traps and snares will, I have no doubt, be used by those who are pestered by the fouling of foxes on lawns and gardens, due to the belief that the mange and worms and parasites are detrimental to their domestic animals.

Dog faeces is dangerous to humans, and foxes are a form of dog.

In short, the culling which I believe is long overdue, will drive some people, (not me, I might add) to do terrible and painful things to foxes, when all most of us want, is a sensible approach to this problem, and a cull carried out by professionals, who know what they are doing.

As for the reader who talks about humane culling, the secret is in the word, humane, as painless as possible, and, of course, a quick death. Veterinarians carry this out every day with a lethal injection.

Shooting is carried out by two of the London boroughs. They are already culling due to the complaints of drivers, when the foxes cause accidents on the roads there, plus from householders about the damage to their gardens.

Let me further point out that domestic animals are regularly seen by a vet, each year we pet owners pay for examination and if needed, drugs. Who carries out the vaccinations of foxes.

Who oversees their injuries and diseases? If any reader has never seen a fox with mange, trust me when I tell you it’s quite horrible, and can be transmitted to dogs and cats.

Who oversees foxes’ injuries and diseases? Surely, if the foxes are so well protected by the animal rights people, they have an answer for these questions?

Mrs P. Law

Downview Road

West Worthing