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In reply to the letter from Peter Brooks Ford (Calming Pets November 20) he says common sense must prevail and that to call for a ban on the sale of fireworks to the public is unlikely.

He suggests we play Barry Manilow or Chris Rea or put ear defenders on the dog (the type he wore working on a building project). What planet is he on!

The bangers are louder than ever this year. Here in Findon, we are surrounded by fields of sheep, cows and horses.

At the Paws Animal Sanctuary we heard the usual horror stories, someone threw a firework at a dog who caught it and blew half his face off, a horse bolted into a fence post and broke its leg and had to be put down. A man told us all the small finches died in his garden aviary. One of our own dogs had a suspected heart attack and needed to see the vet and was given tablets.

Why should pet owners have to put up with this misery night after night, every year? It does not stop at November 5.

Two local Findon schools should be ashamed they both held firework displays on Sunday night, Remembrance Sunday.

How disrespectful. It has been a nightmare again this year with fireworks every night. I am sick of these people with no regard for the petrified animals and birds, or for the poor residents in our village having their peace shattered for weeks every year.

I have two petitions in local shops to try to ban the sale of fireworks to the public, I have also been putting an appeal on Facebook every day calling on pet owners to write to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, at 10 Downing Street, to allow only licensed organised firework displays.

Why can’t someone invent silent, pretty fireworks?

They have banned conkers in schools because they are dangerous. Fireworks are far more dangerous.

Last week, a little boy had his chin, and stomach seriously injured when a firework hit him and exploded.

Stacey McSpirit

Paws Animal Sanctuary

The Oval


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