Fireworks woe

Duncan Barkes’ column last Thursday regarding banning fireworks exactly word for word echoed how my husband I feel about fireworks.

We live in dread of bonfire night and the weeks before and after, just this past Sunday we could still hear them going off in Sompting.

We have small dogs and it is very stressful trying to dodge in and out hoping for a long enough gap in-between the bangs for the dogs to be able to go to the toilet.

We have worked hard at training our dogs to go out quietly and not to bark when they are in the garden and annoy the neighbours, and they are very good.

However upon hearing a bang they hare round the garden like devils possessed, barking and panicking.

They can’t hear us above all the noise.

Not only are the dogs stressed but, so are we waiting anxiously for the noise to stop so that we can get them out to the toilet before we go to bed at 10pm or thereabouts.

What about our wildlife and in particular the few wild birds that Britain has left roosting in the trees in our gardens who must be terrified, unable to see to escape in the dark.

I would think that many of them would fall off their perches with heart attacks with fright.

We, too, cannot understand why health and safety don’t jump on this one, only today I read in your paper’s headlines about someone stupidly letting fireworks off in a Worthing town centre car park.

I have said for years that it is high time that the sale of fireworks was banned to members of the public, Councils should issue licences for organised displays only. It just shows the amount of fireworks that are being sold despite a recession we have a shop in Worthing dedicated to nothing but the sale of fireworks, that’s as well as the supermarkets and DIY stores selling them.

Something needs to be done.

We are now bracing ourselves for the next nightmare, new year celebrations, when we will have to put up with another lot of misery.

Why should the majority of the population have to put up with these mindless morons who have not a thought for anyone else, let alone pets and wildlife?

Keith and Diane Jones

Western Road