Flood plains

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Your letters

I refer to your item on page 3 Lancing Herald February 6.

This letter had a major point, simply that building on the flood plains is wrong and that maybe too much damage has already been done by current works.

It does not matter who wrote or signed the letter or to whom it was sent. What does matter is that someone somewhere starts to listen to the residents of Lancing and Sompting. Funny that Tim Loughton seems to assume that only HIS opinion is that which counts. And that a few extra bits of guttering on the A27 will solve the problems of West Beach or even those living south of the A27. All political parties want to protect the gaps. Don’t they?

What was missing from your piece, worryingly, is that at this very moment (as from January 29 to February 26) Adur District Council is having a consultation on the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) review 2013. Did no one want anyone else to know this is happening? This is what makes the letter relevant.

The flood plains are NOT land that is available for building, and as was said when the Adur Local plan was discussed, there are numerous other reasons why this land should not be used (infrastructure, natural habitats, schooling, medical care, the list goes on).

Had Adur taken the slightest bit of notice from the public, they would know there is almost NO Strategic Housing Land available in Sompting or Lancing .. and this needs highlighting as often as possible to as many as possible.

And oddly West Sussex County Council seem upset, as they too have been raising concerns over building on floodplains, but obviously Adur District Council have not listened to them either ! Because if they had listened to anyone the SHLAA would be a very, very quick consultation.

Chris Servante

Whitestyles Road,


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