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Your letters

I have to agree with Duncan Barkes and also believe there is a better way to achieve the aim of reducing road traffic on some of our residential roads.

The map included in our consultancy letter highlighted main roads where the speed limit is to remain unchanged.

The focus then should be on improving the free flow of traffic on these roads to alleviate the need to use the more residential roads, especially during peak times. A three-mile drive from Findon to the town centre using main roads can take 20 minutes by bus or car, an average speed of 9mph. We are then encouraged to travel at 20 or 30 on residential roads. Many of the through routes outside the town centre have no parking restrictions and therefore have a large number of cars parked haphazardly on both sides of the roads.

This obstructs the free flow of traffic, is a nuisance to pedestrians and a nightmare for cyclists. Even in streets where most houses seem to have plenty of off-street parking, it’s a problem. I would like to see many of these roads have a yellow line down one side, which would eliminate these issues. Car parks near shopping parades and the hospital should be available for employees at a nominal rate, £1 a day, not an hour, to reduce their numbers having to park in nearby streets. There is an opportunity to provide additional parking near Durrington and Goring railway stations when any redevelopment takes place.

The south east corner of the cabbage fields at Goring station would be ideal for a park and ride facility being next to it and the A259 main coast road. The new pedestrian crossings at Grove Lodge roundabout have further hindered progress along the A27 and A24, again forcing traffic to use alternative routes.

What a statement a pedestrian overpass would have made from Broadwater Green to the college with ‘Welcome to Worthing’ emblazoned across it. Surely it’s time to think outside the box and make access in, out and through Worthing, better for all. With another 1,000 homes planned, it can only get worse.

Malcolm Mills

Mayfield Close


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