Fond memories of a kind and patient man

I would like to thank Terry Cartwright – a senior citizen doing a good turn for little money.

He has driven the little train at Brooklands through heat, sleet and rain for a good six years, often arriving home soaked to the skin and never complaining. He has made many, many children very, very happy,and adults, too.

Often the children would only come on rides when Terry was working.

Terry (a grandfather himself), is kind and patient and when there were handicapped children who needed extra reassurance, Terry went the extra mile to make it an experience never to be forgotten.

He would often dress up for special occasions and never let anyone down, least his employers.

Now Terry is sadly taking his wonderful smile elsewhere. Oh, he will be sorely missed by many.

Terry deserves recognition for what he has done.

Nina Griffiths

Sompting Road