Food beggars belief

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I HAVE recently spent five days as an in-patient in Worthing Hospital.

After my operation I was transferred to a ward and offered food, a term I use loosely; I attended boarding school so have experience of disgusting food, but the stuff they dish up in Worthing hospital beggars belief. It was totally inedible, and in desperation I asked for an angel delight one evening, thinking this would be light and edible – how wrong can you be?

I practically had to cut it with a knife. It was shocking, and to top it all, nobody cares if you eat or not, it is put down in front of you, and 20 minutes later the tray is taken away, regardless of whether you have eaten or not.

I had to get family to bring some food for me to eat, which was fine, but what happens to the poor people who maybe do not have relatives? The food is truly inedible. Something needs to be done about it, after all, people are in hospital with the hope of a recovery.

Caroline Fusciardi

Sackville Crescent