Food for thought

I AM writing in response to the new visiting hours at Worthing Hospital.

When my mother was a patient there for three months, she was unable to feed herself and, because of the lack of staff available to feed patients, her meals were left in front of her, and removed uneaten, with no one questioning as to why the tray was still full.

While visiting, we noticed the lack of attention that other patients received who could not feed themselves.

My family made sure that one of us was there at meal times to ensure that my mother was fed and watered.

It wasn’t easy and we could not always be there – breakfast and lunchtimes were especially hard.

If families are stopped from visiting from 5pm to 6.30pm, can the hospital promise that these patients will receive the nutrition that they need to help them recover?

By changing the visiting hours that family members are allowed to go in, how will the patients that are unable to lift a knife and fork be treated?

I most definitely object to the change in visiting hours, when these patients will be left without food again.

Julia Champion

Bluebell Drive