Food for thought

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CAN anyone explain to me why Worthing Hospital needs a restaurant, when on the other hand they are asking for people to donate money for a new scanner?

I doubt very much whether I will ever use the restaurant, but have had the need to have an MRI scan on two occasions, although these were carried out at Hurstwood Park Hospital.

I thought the NHS was several million pounds in debt, so how or why was it deemed necessary to build a restaurant when there are several very good restaurants in Worthing?

If, on the other hand, Worthing Hospital specialised in a specific type of surgery or medical problem where people have to travel miles to get the appropriate treatment, such as Hurstwood Park Hospital at Haywards Heath which deals in neuro-surgery in patients from a large area, I can understand this but Worthing Hospital is not and has adequate means in the way of serving refreshment which are run by the League of Friends.

If the restaurant was open for people either visiting late at night for some reason or other, it would then be feasible, but it is not.

So, please, let’s have less waste of NHS money and please get the priorities in the right order.

Maybe then the hospital would not be in such a financial mess.

So much money is spent on what is not really any help to a patient waiting for treatment on a long waiting list, which does not get any shorter.

I would also like to know how much longer are the houses by the side of Worthing Hospital are going to remain empty.

With the housing situation as it is, they could have been used to accommodate short-term lets, either to medical staff or people in need of a place to live, even for a short while.

I believe that they were, at some point, used for hospital staff and could be again to help anyone moving onto the area while they looked for a flat or room.

I did speak to someone (not hospital staff) and he said that he was told that they were not fit to live in, but the houses were only built in the 1930s as far as I know.

Probably because they have been left empty for so long does not help, but, once again, such a waste when they could have been used.

Mrs D. P. McBrien

Hillside Road