Fox paranoia

I would like to question whether Claire Weston (February 7) has been living in a bubble prior to coming to Worthing?

Does she not know that – shock and horror – foxes have been living alongside humans in towns for many years?

To see one sitting on a drive is nothing unusual, we have at times eight foxes in our back garden.

There’s not a lot you can do about it, although we don’t mind them.

I do think she’s being rather paranoid and as for constantly watching the patio door in case a fox comes in, well what an unhappy summer is in store for all concerned.

Perhaps she’d better put her child into a sterilised area and ban her from having anything to do with the outside world, or an easier option is simply to watch what she puts in her mouth when she’s enjoying the freedom of the garden.

As Claire is so obviously paranoid, she might like to remember the saying that you’re never more than six feet from a rat. How does she feel about that?

I know which I’d prefer!

J. Harding

West Way