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Your letters

I would just like to clarify my comments about the effects of fracking when I said to your interviewer on May 3 that I considered the worst aspect to be the effect on the countryside.

Obviously, there are very many likely effects which are incredibly dangerous and have already been experienced, such as water pollution, earth tremors, increased air pollution by CO2 from flares as well as the actual use of another fossil fuel and pollution from radioactive elements currently buried underground.

There is also the folly of using absolutely vast amounts of a vital resource, water, in the extraction process.

I was not ignoring all these in my comments, in fact, we discussed them with a lot of people on the day, but was taking into account the one fact which cannot be “regulated” to calm the anxieties of the public.

The fracking companies and political advocates of fracking refer to regulation as the way to make it a safe procedure free from all these possible dangers.

The earth and its underlying structures are not an inanimate object under our control so ‘regulation’ and technical advances are something of a fool’s paradise if we think we can control what we do to the planet.

My point is that even if we could ever regulate harm out of existence we could not restore fracked areas back to their original and very long-established ecosystems.

So much of the natural environment has already been lost that we cannot afford to carelessly sacrifice more, especially in such enormous amounts in pursuit of a harmful result.

Pamela Kelly

Richmond Road


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