Free to move

YOUR sports correspondent Ian Hart “Harty” was clearly upset to learn Brighton striker Glenn Murray had signed for arch-rivals Crystal Palace.

Glenn has given excellent service to Brighton over four seasons, but as he is now out of contract, he is free to seek another club who are prepared to offer him a better deal than Brighton were offering to renew his contract.

Footballers have a very short career and those who play in the lower divisions are never going to make the millions like the prima-donnas in the premier league, so no-one can blame them for seeking the best possible deals available.

I am sure Palace weren’t the only club Glenn Murray spoke to, but it was them who he chose to sign for, so I suppose they offered him the best deal.

It hurts when as a fan you lose one of your best players but that’s what happens in football – it happens to all clubs.

If Brighton fans give Glenn Murray a hostile reception when he plays in the away fixture at Brighton, beware – most players respond by sticking one or two in the back of the net.

Welcome to Glenn Eagles, oops, sorry, welcome to the Eagles Glenn.

Stan Mayle

Palace Fan

Alinora Crescent