Frustrated with TV service

This is to help people who are like me, and have been very frustrated with Virgin TV.

I have been unable to view BBC South Today since the switchover from analogue to digital. BBC South East never features Worthing and many times when the weather is being presented, they stand right in front of us. But, I have just found out how to rectify this, without having to resort to a Freeview box.

Providing you still have an aerial plugged into your TV and it points at either IOW or Findon transmitters, then this is what you do. With your TV switched on, select the TV button and find DVB, which is probably one click beyond analogue.

Then go to your menu and follow the normal steps to auto tune your TV. Once this has been completed, you should find you are able to see a whole set of channels. Then it is easy to watch Virgin TV on your AV button and when you wish to watch South Today, press the TV button.

If you have any problems in following this process, I suggest you visit your TV supplier and ask them how to do it – it is available so do not give up and start watching BBC South Today who does care about Worthing.

Robert Leng

Honeysuckle Lane

High Salvington