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Your letters

With regards to an article by councillor Sean McDonald in the Herald (March 5) concerning the lay-by in Romany Road, I would like to say that this is a problem of long-standing, firstly noted by councillor Robin Rogers some two years ago.

Last year, this was again brought forward and to my notice as county councillor for Durrington and Salvington by Worthing councillor Sue Jelliss. This was with regard to extra traffic with new housing proposed in the area and the hold-ups at the mini- roundabout.

We have also looked into bus timetables to see if it would be possible for buses to be staggered in their arrival/departure times on either side of the road to alleviate the problem. This is still ongoing.

We have since then had a full report from highway engineers who, although they agree it would be a good thing in the long-term, also have to be aware of the costs. With underground cables, should there be any, adding to this.

I would like to confirm that this is an ongoing project and one to which myself and my colleagues are fully committed.

Trixie Hall

UKIP county councillor

Plantation Rise

Lower Salvington

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