Funding clarified

MR Hart stated Worthing Borough Council gave a grant of £3,000 to the Diverse Cultures Football Club (DCFC) in his column of May 10.

The grant was in fact external funding of £2,500 from the Sussex Community Foundation (SCF) in March, 2010, which enabled the charitable club to join the Worthing League.

This funding application was made with support from Worthing Council for Voluntary Service which, at that time, had a project helping small voluntary groups access sources of charitable trust monies.

Worthing Borough Council did provide a one-off lump sum payment of £1,000 in July, 2010, to the DCFC through the Councils Community Well-being Team to help fulfil one of its aims of promoting participation in sport and physical activity in communities, particularly those in more deprived areas.

DCFC is one charitable group that the Council works with and this one-off grant helped the council to reach a specific part of Worthing’s community (Black & Minority Ethnic groups) and provide an exit-route for males, who are generally on low income, to help them become more physically active.

DCFC also secured some funding in 2011, from WSCC of £2,000 from the Worthing County Local Committee.

One of Worthing Borough Council’s aims is to promote and improve the health and well-being of all communities. We particularly value our partnership with the voluntary and community sector to this agenda and continually explore ways in which we can support and promoted them locally.

Tina Favier

Community well-being manager

Worthing council