Furore over flowers

FOR the past few weeks, my friend and neighbour has been poorly in hospital.

Many years ago she helped me plant a number of roses in the garden, and I was going to cut the last showing of them to make a posy up for her.

Imagine my disgust when I was told that many of the wards in the hospitals no longer “allow” flowers by the bedsides due to some “Health and Safety” rule. Apparently this has been going on for quite a while now.

For 22 years I nursed in various hospitals in the NHS, and the pleasure given to the patients from receiving a bunch of flowers was often a pleasure to witness. This is another piece of tosh, another nonsense that we the British public have to put up with, largely due to the fact that the nurses are too busy filling in forms, they cannot put put clean water in the vases.

In the years I worked in hospitals, if the nurses could not perform this small service for the patients then volunteers did it, if they did not, then the patients’ visitors often saw to changing the water.

I gather that small pots of flowers is permissible, well that’s nice, how very magnanimous of the staff, but what about those of us who like me would liked to have given the last blooms of roses to a person who has reached the grand age of 93, and who would have been delighted to receive them.

Mrs P Law

Downview Road