Gateway to gridlock

WHILE no one can doubt that Teville Gate is long overdue for development, I think local residents should be told the facts about the predicted impact on traffic.

I obtained a copy of West Sussex County Council’s response to the planning application. By their own estimates, in 2016, the tailbacks from the Teville Road/Chapel Road junction will be about a third of a mile long.

That stretches back across the junction with South Farm Road and into Tarring Road. Their report concludes that many motorists will “look for alternative routes” – i.e., rat-runs down residential roads, or simply give up and park (presumably in the already congested local residential roads).

It’s not clear whether these predictions allow for the additional traffic generated if the plans for 700 new homes in West Durrington, each with parking for one, two or three cars, go ahead.

The current proposals will create “gridlock” in Worthing centre – with all the associated noise and pollution. Hardly an attractive “gateway” to welcome visitors and certainly not a recipe to create a thriving economy.

Duncan Kay

Boundary Road