Get married cheaper

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I READ with interest the article of the cost of a wedding at a register office and the removal of the office from Worthing.

In the light of the royal wedding in Westminster Abbey this week, perhaps it is worth reminding readers that they have the opportunity to get married in Worthing at a cost less than that of the register office.

I refer, of course, to our churches across the town. Certainly, the basic cost of an Anglican wedding is cheaper than the register office (although “add-ons”, such as a choir or bells, may increase the cost).

And whilst our churches may not compare to the Abbey, many are undoubtedly beautiful, grand and photogenic. It also brings God into the picture, and whilst not all couples would welcome this, many are very happy to receive prayers for his blessing on their big day (incidentally, it is not necessary to follow Kate’s example and be confirmed).

More details can be found on the Church of England website ( or from the minister of any church (whatever the denomination).

The Rev John Chitham

St Matthew’s Church