Get off the couch and get running

I greatly enjoyed Lauren Bravo’s humorous column in which she described her and her friends’ preparation for the Moon Walk.

I wish to promote the virtues of healthy exercise for all whether it is power walking, jogging or running.

We can all jog and run provided there is no medical problem preventing us.

It has been established that the human being evolved specifically to run over distance in order to hunt prey on the ancient savannah grass lands. However, it is necessary to train to be able to do this.

This involves getting off the couch and getting out into the fresh air and gradually increasing the distance run from an initial few metres.

Gradually, over a few weeks, you will see the improvement.

All those people who ran the marathon in Brighton began this way. But you do not need to run marathon distance, just a few miles several times a week, to work wonders for your fitness and well-being. We can all do it.

Lancing Eagles Running Club has a beginners group called LEG, standing for Lancing Eagles Group, dedicated to getting people jogging/running. For more information see our website

David Clubb

Chairman, Lancing Eagles Running Club

Baranscraig Avenue Brighton