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In response to E. Stevens’s letter about 20’s Pointless (Your Letters, Herald, January 8), Brighton and Hove did a 20mph area covering mainly the city centre, not the whole area.

Not surprisingly, the speeds in these roads are generally sub-20mph, especially at peak times.

So, as far as bus routes are concerned, it has only had a minor effect, but the next phase would be out in the suburban areas which, generally, are clearer.

That will effect buses as they will be restricted to 20mph.The reduction in minor injuries (grazed knees) is good and no surprise, all be it 16 per cent. However, as for fatalities and serious injuries, has Brighton and Hove never had it so good?

Three fatalities and 142 serious injuries in 2013, two fatalities in 2009, and 136 serious injuries in 2008.

Added to the fact that the national averages for collisions over recent years have been falling across all areas like Worthing with its 30mph limit, downward trends are expected.

Funny how E. Stevens doesn’t mention about reduction in pollution and congestion but does about average speeds. These were promised by 20mph campaigners. So, is it easier to get around Brighton and Hove now?

Gavin Ross

Rogate Close


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