Give them a yes!

I AM not a church member, just a local accountant running a small practice with a small opinion that perhaps might be formed on the basis of the pros and cons to local business and commerce.

However, we live in dire days of failing economy – here and abroad. There is a glut of such long, empty warehouses, but some say heydays will return and all will be needed again – leave all empty in readiness.

But, surely, this world collapse was not primarily caused by things or money – but by the attitudes of human hearts and minds (from big bankers to little home borrowers like you and me).

I am old enough to have seen clients’ businesses rise or fall, and it is often because of the attitude of heart and mind each brings to the market place. A little salt savours the whole pot. So true. And if industrial estates round the country had just one such focus point as Jubilee Community Church for the realisation of love and care, the selflessness, the integrity of spirit, the development of potential of the young and old, even the opportunity or renting small office spaces for fledgling businesses, would not the restoration of a better world (and yes, prosperous world) be that much closer to hand?

And if as a result, hearts are changed and minds inclined more so to do what is right, perhaps a more sustainably prosperous world might result. Accountants like me tend to focus on things and figures. In these troubled days, I believe we are wrong and I look to the local councillors for a realisation of a bigger vision.

Here is a catalyst that could help lift the local community and its businesses, the hearts and minds of all, out of the “mire” that the wider nation finds itself in. Don’t let’s waste the opportunity. Give them a YES!

Nick Whitchurch


Shoreham by Sea