Give us our bus

Why are the residents north of the A27 seemingly being seperated from Lancing?

We now have an hourly bus service, while we notice the Pulse buses running from Lancing centre every ten minutes, usually in tandem, and mostly half empty throughout the day. Cutting the no 7 most certainly does not make any sense.

My train arrived in Lancing from Chichester three minutes AFTER the no 7 had gone, meaning an hour’s wait in the cold and with shopping.

On occasion, I have walked down to Cokeham to get the Pulse into Worthing at 9.30am and have had the priveledge of STANDING at a cost of £5 all the way to Worthing town centre.

Who makes these decisions? Most certainly not anyone who has to use public transport regularly. There is an accident waiting to happen, the 9.30am Pulse is heaving, with standing room only, pushchairs, trolleys, passengers hanging on for dear life.

Rest assured that should I be the unfortunate passenger that is flung down the aisle towards the windscreen then I shall sue every transport manager, bus company and West Sussex County Council transport official within spitting distance.

Common sense to me would be to make the Pulse one every 15 minutes from Lancing to Worthing give us back our no 7 route and us from this side of the A27 will free up the Pulse.

Makes more sense than having two buses leapfrogging each other from stop to stop all the way into Worthing! Where’s the economic sense in that?

Sompting councillors note, with the £1million grant you have received to help Sompting, how about negotiating with the bus company to help your residents? Give us back our half-hourly no 7 route.

Pat Locke

Meadowview Road