Go for 20mph limit

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SURELY it is time we put an end to the killing and injuring of people on the roads of Worthing.

Whatever the statistics, and I have read various comments on the accuracy of the figures, a single life saved or a person saved from permanent damage is worth the effort.

The greatest single factor in any road “incident” is the speed of the vehicle that hits you.

I am fully in support of moves to make 20mph the maximum speed limit for all residential roads in Worthing. Being over 60, I am acutely aware that statistically my chances of surviving an impact with a car travelling at 30mph are small. My chances of surviving being hit by a car travelling at 20mph are quite good.

I am deeply saddened by fellow citizens who spend a lot of time and effort criticising people who would like to make our roads safer for everyone.

As a driver, I know that I am fairly safe no matter what speed I hit someone, but that does not make me immune to the concerns of far more vulnerable road users and pedestrians.

I read people’s comments on your website that suggested cyclists who ride with no lights “deserve what they get”. As a driver, I cannot condone such a sentiment. From the comfort of my car, I am always aware of the damage a momentary lapse of concentration could cause.

I am also saddened by the arguments about the cost of implementation, which is a fraction of the cost of a single fatality. Are we so lawless that the 20mph limit would not be honoured?

My greatest hope is that the people who have the power also have the will and strength of character to implement the 20mph speed limit for the good, on so many levels, of all the people of Worthing.

E. Stevens

St Lawrence Avenue