Good decision on the homeless?!

Hooray for the bailiffs who entered the derelict site and the diggers that crushed the campsite of the homeless community who had taken refuge there.

How delightful it is to know that the members of that community will soon be living in local beach shelters in full view of tourists and residents alike instead of quietly going about their lives in an overgrown and neglected spot where most of us never even knew they were there.

I am so relieved that there are such sensible public officials in this town, who are unafraid to confront the menace of the less fortunate searching for a place to eke out a meagre existence, that I am moved to contact them in order to congratulate them for their public-spirited actions.

Unfortunately, however, I noticed in last week’s Herald article that a spokeswoman for Worthing Borough Council “Denied that it was involved in the process” and also that Sussex Police “Declined to comment on the eviction despite the fact that the Sussex PCC owns the land”.

Who, then, am I supposed to write to in order to congratulate them on this obvious victory for common sense?

Don’t be shy, local bureaucrats, stand up and be proud of yet another triumphant blow to the downtrodden. I wait with bated breath to discover what wonderful, community-spirited project the land will be used for. After all, such a hasty eviction can only mean that construction must be due to begin immediately. I for one am delighted.

Dave O’Brien

Chester Avenue